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Bedroom musician Harry, founded Word of Mouth London alongside George in 2018. Having met working on an award-winning short film in 2017, this terrible twosome collaborated further, creating content for a spoken word/music/art hybrid event called Folked Up. Since then Harry and George have thrown over 20 live shows, created more than 200 videos, including a video series involving 19 poets, 6 chapters, and took over 2 years to complete. The team has recently established a production company called DiD Media, So If you are after some content, hit us up!  #soulessadvertising


Diving headfirst into the spoken word circuit in 2015, George fell in love with writing and performing just as much as his film making. This was a perfect blend of recipes to start a project for curation, creation, adaptation and evolution. With the aim of showcasing what George has viewed as a spectator, as well as a performer, and transform this digitally, to show to the masses. As George would summarize Word Of Mouth London, ‘We are here to document our current culture’ or in other words, as George would simply put it, ‘Throw a dope show’

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Having collaborated with Harry and George on many different projects, Desree joined the team in 2020 as a producer. As a spoken word artist herself, as well as theatre producer/poetry facilitator/TedX speaker and a Glastonbury performer, (Glastonbury? I know right...) Desree's knowledge within the world of poetry is unparalleled, bringing to the Word of Mouth family a wealth of knowledge and an ever-evolving roster of poets to film and digitally share their words.


Call it coincidence or fate? Jamie's first time performing spoken word was also the first show thrown by Word Of Mouth London, taking place in London Fields, Pub On The Park. Jamie not only graced the stage with his witty charm and charismatic presence, but he also connected with the team, this saw him being selected to take part in Word Of Mouths first flagship video series, performing ‘Down the Isle’ for chapter 4’s ‘Coming Of Age’. Two years later, Jamie is now our host, supporting the next generation of artists to take to the stage and give the audience something special to remember.

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In House Photographer

Our in house Photographer Adam Maccines, also the founder of production company Rolta films, joined the team once Word of Mouth relocated venues to Hackney's Folklore, A keen eye for detail and camera abilities to match, Adam is a prized asset to the team, and as much as his imposter syndrome speaks, check out his work and book him now before it's too late.

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